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Spring 2020 

What a time we are all living in!  There may have been tears and laughter, fear and anxiety, acceptance and resistance.  We have all had to alter plans we were looking forward to and learn new ways for our days to unfold. 

Here at Sewing Studio, we are doing well.  Shipping your fabric, patterns and notions just as quickly as possible, because 
we know that having a creative outlet can help add a bit of calmness to life in these times of chaos. 

"A creative act such as crafting can help focus the mind, and has even been compared to meditation due
to its calming effects on the brain and body.  Even just gardening or sewing
releases dopamine, a natural anti-depressant.  Creativity reduces anxiety, depression
and stress...And it can also help you process trauma." 
Ashley, contribution editor for Forbes

All of us sewists KNOW this, but often get wrapped up in taking care of others first and forget to nurture ourselves too. 

When Lexi Klinkenberg of Redfin reached out to ask me for a quick thought on "Crafting Spaces", I pondered what on what helps ME. 
Some days there is very little that I can control...and that adds to my anxiety.  If I can find even a few minutes to escape into a
sewing or crafting project it helps take my mind off all the other loops I get caught in.  In order for me to be able to jump right in,
my space needs to organized and ready to sit down and GO. 

When I am done for the day, I put away all the extra tools left on my table, grab loose threads up, and lay my project out with
the next step and pattern right on top.  Then I can next steal a few minutes and finish a seam or two,  I forget about why my
shoulders are so tight and work with the other side of my brain. 

I shared my thoughts with Lexi for her to include in the article, "13 Tips fro Creating the Ultimate Crafting Space". 

I was proud of my simple suggestion, but ever more amazed by the great ideas offered by other creative talents. 

If you want to read all the ideas offered, pop onto this link to read the entire article: 

13 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Crafting Space

I hope you are all well, and staying safe. After all of this is over, all that will have really mattered is how we treat each other.