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Content: 55% Rayon/45% Wool
Width: 45 inches
Stretch: 4-way 50% cross (weft)/40% long (warp)
Weight: 170gsm/5 oz per square yard/6.26 oz per actual yard

New obsession alert! I cut a LOT of yardage before this even hit the store for my personal stash. The Studio is known for getting in great merino wools and if you're a fan, you'll love these 5 new super-saturated colors of wool/rayon blend jersey knit. This is the epitome of "stealth wealth" or "quiet luxury" fabric. It's opaque and thick enough you can make an elegant wrap dress without any fear of wardrobe malfunctions, you can make the classiest turtleneck and t-shirt layers, and any leftovers will make beautiful scarves. 

For care, handwashing and air drying is recommended. I washed on cold in the washing machine and put through dryer on normal in case it accidentally goes through the laundry later amidst family chaos, however, I want these garments to last and keep the super rich color saturation so after the initial prep, they'll be hand-washed in a salad spinner with Soak Wash and air dried. That will keep them going for at least a decade, but if you can always handwash, that would be better.

This is a deep, saturated black. 

Pattern suggestions below and don't forget to add thread!

*Many fabrics in the Sewing Studio are "deadstock" fabrics from the fashion industry, and fiber content is sometimes best educated guess. Sourcing in general is not always predictable, and it's very rare to restock a deadstock fabric. We source and purchase only what we feel to be of the highest quality for our customers.

Due to setting fluctuations on monitors, photo color accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Tags: rayon, wool, jersey, natural fibers