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A knit dress that feels like wearing secret pajamas. K Options pockets, multiple sleeve and length options.  A close-fitting tee perfect for layering.  A pattern-hacker’s canvas.  Tons of tips for a sewing with knits.  And a lot of love wrapped up into one amazing patterns!   Get you sewing machine humming, and find your inner beauty shine through to the outside with the Stasia Dress.   The stasia’s Secret is a v-front bodice, which highlights the smallest part of the waist and provides plenty of room below for the beautiful bellies.   Wearing your Stasia Dress, your belly and hips will be free to hick, dance, and do all sorts of wonderful activities while still feeling like a million bucks. 

Fabric suggestions:   Fabric needs at least 40% stretch and quick recovery.   For a flowy, soft dress or shirt, choose a fabric with rayon or bamboo content, in addition to spandex.  For a more structured dress (and if you choose to add pockets) look for a mid-heavy weight fabric with at least 40% stretch and good recovery such as a French terry, cotton jersey or ponte.