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SA Labels - Lazy Sewist

Lazy Sewist

Sewing for pleasure is important to the Lazy Sewist, and by that, we mean they like to cut corners and miss out on anything that is considered boring or a step that will impede their precious time. For example, toiling, pinning or generally following instructions. Lazy Sewist's do not toile, end of! And as for the other steps, they understand why there is a need for those, but they often adopt a "What's the worst that could happen?" approach to their sewing projects. A lot, actually.


We could call our Lazy Sewist an Impatient Sewist, really. Maybe that's our next label design? The impatience stems from the need to finish the project as fast as possible because they simply cannot wait to see the end result! Typically ends up a bit wonky or the need to unpick frequently. This sewing approach makes no logical sense and often adds time on to projects rather than knocking time off! Ah well, what's the worst that could happen?


About the labels: 

These labels are centre folded with a 1/4 inch seam allowance for a nice tidy finish. They can be sewn inside your garments for a nice tucked away little surprise or proudly shown off stitched into the garment's outside seam.

8 labels in each package 


3 cm x 2 cm with a 1/4" (5mm) seam allowance