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Gutermann - Mara 30 rPET Polyester Thread - 328 yards each

This new Gutermann sew-all thread is for those who like to conserve natural resources and be responsible for the environment. It is made from 100% recycled polyester and suitable for all fabrics, seams and buttonholes.

This thread has many special advantages over traditional Sew-All thread including using less energy being required to manufacture the raw material and significantly reduced CO 2 emissions. The thread is made from recycled beverage bottles and the reels for the rPET sewing threads are made of 100 % polystyrene (PS) and can be disposed of with the separated household waste. In this way, they're also supplied to the recycling loop.  Mara 30 rPET has a fine cross-section for smooth seams, is dust and lint-free, contains a silk like sheen, and is rub and abrasion resistant.