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Content: 100% yarn-dyed cotton
Width: 44 inches
Weight: 6.4 oz

We got in 7 additional colorways in the Robert Kaufman Mammoth flannel line to bring our selection to 14, including some of the new organic line, and in addition to 6 coordinating Shetland flannels! These are thick, squishy, and yarn-dyed with deep, saturated colors. This isn't your big, box store printed flannel. Once you use Mammoth, you'll never go back to that stuff. The Mammoth flannel blooms into this amazing blanket of actual or secret pajamas; the choice is yours. Yarn-dyed also means both sides of the fabric will carry the same print, and with just over 6 oz weight, your pattern options are truly endless. You can make pants like the Sew House 7 Free Range Slacks, the Untitled Thoughts Chandler Pants, or Seamwork Joss pants. What about a wrap skirt like the Seamwork Laura, the Karen LePage Wander Skirt, or the Sew House 7 Nahalem skirt to wear over your favorite chunky winter tights? The reversible nature of the fabric really makes the wrap skirt top shelf. Or perhaps the most obvious make for reversible, layer-able fabrics is the Sew Liberated Metamorhic Dress. Mammoth flannel is the go-to loungewear fabric and as you can see, so much more. 

This colorway is called pimento with yarn dyed orange and red picnic checks. Paired on the dress form photo with this pointillism floral rayon, you can see how the Mammoth flannels compliment the prairie floral look to perfection. Picture this floral in a flowing, high volume dress with the pimento Mammoth flannel in a camp shirt tied over, as you visit the pumpkin patch or take the country path weekend bike ride. Absolute perfection.

Tags: Red, gray, orange, plaid, yard dyed, high quality