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Cone Mills Denim - S Gene - 11 oz Indigo

Cone Mills White Oak Denim - Indigo 
Content: 92% Cotton; 6% Polyester; 2% Spandex
Width: 59-60”
Weight: 11 oz

This bottom weight denim with 6% polyester and 2% spandex is the favorite combo for "skinny jeans" patterns. If you're making the Closet Core Ginger Skinny Jeans, the Paper Dahl Birkin Flares, or the Megan Neilsen Ash Jeans, this is the content mix you want. If you've ever watched those YouTube videos about what makes $300 dollar jeans at Neiman Marcus worth the $300 price tag, every single great pair has some polyester in addition to the spandex in the mix! The 2% spandex helps with the stretch, but it's the 6% polyester that can hold up to the denim twill weave and pull it all back so you don't end up with a saggy bottom by the end of the day. Winter is an excellent time to stock up basics and refill the denim drawer and Cone Mills is the gold standard. 

Prewashing tips with all high quality indigo denim: wash, wash, wash again. Use Shout Color Catcher sheet on all future washing to catch any extra dye. If you're going to be throwing your jeans in the dryer in the future, treat the denim the same way, but be sure to shake and "snap" the fabric out straight before putting in the dryer to prevent the fabric from twisting and blocking into a bad shape before cutting. 


As always, please email with any questions or concerns.