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SA Labels - Stitch Witch

Stitch Witch


A simple but not so simple little label. An amulet to proclaim your Stitch Witchery! Because god you can be such a witch at times! We mean - glamorous, a bit spooky and very witchy of course! And pretty magical on the sewing machine might we add!


These labels are just a little bit more glamorous than our other range! Of course, it had to be because you’re an ‘extra’ spellbinding kinda person! It features gold and silver lurex thread for a more luxurious look in your garments!


About the labels

These labels are centre folded with a 7mm seam allowance for a nice tidy finish. They can be sewn inside your garments for a nice tucked away little surprise or proudly shown off stitched into the garment's outside seam.

8 labels in each package 


3.4cm x 2.5cm with a 7mm seam allowance