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Style Arc - Slip-on Suzie 

This is a fantastic fake wrap dress, it is easy to make and wear, just slip it on. You have the choice of a cap sleeve or a long sleeve so it's suitable for all seasons and occasions.

Skill Level:  Easy 

Fabric Suggestion:  Jersey Knit, Knit with drape 

Sizes Included: 4 -16 OR Sizes 18- 30, you select

Style Arc sewing patterns are designed to fit well and be easy to sew and wear.  The patterns are not for a complete novice as you will need to understand some of the basic sewing methods and there are not pictures for every step of the construction.   If you have sewn a few pieces then you will love these patterns and the beautiful designs.   Additionally, there are tutorials on the Style Arc website that can often assist with any questions.  

Slip-On Suzie Multi-Size – Casual Patterns – Style Arc