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Style Arc - Carlsson Sweater

Fabulous on-trend sweater top featuring an extended shoulder line, rounded yoke and design lines finishing with an angled hip band with a difference

Skill Level:  Easy - Medium 

Fabric Suggestions:   Sweater Knit, Rugby knit, fleece knit. 

Sizes:  4 -16 OR Sizes 18-30, you select. 

Style Arc sewing patterns are designed to fit well and be easy to sew and wear.  The patterns are not for a complete novice as you will need to understand some of the basic sewing methods and there are not pictures for every step of the construction.   If you have sewn a few pieces then you will love these patterns and the beautiful designs.   Additionally, there are tutorials on the Style Arc website that can often assist with any questions.

Carlsson Sweater Multi-Size – Casual Patterns – Style Arc