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Liesl + Co - Chai Tee 

This simple and stylish pull-on top is much more than a basic tee.   It has an easy fit and is comfortable to wear as your favorite T-shirt, but it brings a touch of elegance to every day with its shoulder yokes and pleases and its feminine shaping.   Leaving the sleeve un-cuffed (View A) or stitch the cuff in place to secure them (View B).   The pattern comes with separate pieces for A/B, C and D Cup sized to help you make a great fitting shirt. 

Suggested Fabrics:  Designed for lightweight cotton knit fabric with moderate stretch.  This tee can also be sewn from drapey woven fabrics, but you may need to go up a size or two for a good fit.   

Sizes included: XS - XXL.   Bust 36” through 48”