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Sewing the Curve by Jenny Rushmore 

Learning to sew your own clothes can be utterly life changing. Forget squeezing into ill-fitting garments which aren’t to your taste, or struggling to find anything in your size—once you can sew, you can make a whole closet of clothes, in any style or fabric, to fit your body.

But learning to sew can be intimidating if you’ve never picked up a needle, and even more so if you’re not in the size range of a lot of beginner patterns or sewing books. Having to learn sewing skills AND learn how to make patterns bigger can be overwhelming, and if you’re coming to sewing to help you feel better about your body, it can even end up making you feel worse.

Sewing the Curve will teach you how to sew a closet of gorgeous garments. Beginner-friendly, this book will take you from threading your machine to completing your first garment that fits and expresses your personal style. And, it comes with 6 patterns (worth over $130!) in sizes 12–32 and cup sizes C–H, so you can practice and master new skills on patterns made for bodies just like yours.

Product Information: 


Beginner and up


12 to 32, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H).


  • Montvale Dress & Tunic
  • Randolph Skirt
  • Eustis Top
  • Ardley Pants
  • Fairfax Jacket
  • Elmley Dress


Hardcover, 192 pages