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Content: 50% Silk, 50% Cotton 
Width: 54 inches 

Embark on a mission of elegance with our Scarlet Petal Symphony fabric! Picture this: you purchase this exquisite fabric, fashion it into a stunning dress, enter any room, and bask in the sweet, quiet gasps of admiration. The blend of soft yet resilient cotton and silk, adorned with a captivating deep pint/red floral print on a delicate pink base, creates a masterpiece reminiscent of an actual watercolor painting.

This fabric transforms you into a walking piece of art, capturing attention with every step. Gone are the days of fleeting fashion; welcome the era of investment pieces, and Scarlet Petal Symphony is your ticket to a cherished garment that you'll reach for year after year.

This deadstock fabric is offered at an affordable price in hopes you will take a baby step into sewing and wearing Silk.  As with all of our Deadstock fabrics, we have this in limited yardage and once it is gone, it will be gone for good. 

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*Many fabrics in the Sewing Studio are "deadstock" fabrics from the fashion industry, and fiber content is sometimes best educated guess. Sourcing in general is not always predictable, and it's very rare to restock a deadstock fabric. We source and purchase only what we feel to be of the highest quality for our customers.

Due to setting fluctuations on monitors, photo color accuracy cannot be guaranteed.