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Content: rayon jacquard
width: 50-58"

HOT DEAL ALERT! While exploring LA's garment district post-lockdowns and finding the few wholesalers that survived, we found this hidden gem in the back of a warehouse. No one wanted it. One end had got wet at some point in the manufacturing process and created a faint dye shift that goes up to 8 inches into the fabric on that one end only. It is such a GORGEOUS, and now, ONE-OF-A-KIND fabric, but we didn't know if this was an issue with the dye throughout the fabric, if the water stain was permanent or what, but we took a risk to keep it out of the landfill. We haggled the price, paid the shipping, got it to the shop, and test washed it. The bad news is the dye-warp stain is set, albeit very subtle. The good news is the rest is color fast and does not bleed, fade, or warp. The BEST news is we are offering it to you at a steal. There is still 50+ inches to work with and it was the ONLY bolt available, so you'll have a one-of-a-kind garment with this amazing fabric. The color is a classic yet very on-trend steely blueish purple, the texture of the jacquard leopard spots is classy and high end, and as you can see the drape is absolute perfection. Linked below are some of our favorite pattern choices for this fabric, but we also love the Seamwork Grace, a delicious bias-cut dress with fabric requirements listed for a 45" fabric showing you could have a full dress for between $21 and $28 with this fabric with enough left over for a matching head scarf. Use the extra dye-warped bits for bra makings, hair scrunchies, future pocket linings, pocket kerchiefs, doll dresses, bowties, and more. Photos include the dye warped bit and you can see it's subtle, but there. Maybe make it a design feature and get the full 58 inches of width. At this price, you can't go wrong, but you can't get more once it's gone!

Many fabrics in the Sewing Studio are "dead stock" fabrics from the fashion industry, and fiber content is sometimes best educated guess. Sourcing in general is less predictable during COVID-19, and it's very rare to restock a dead stock fabric during normal circumstances. We source and purchase only what we feel to be of the highest quality for our customers.

Due to setting fluctuations on monitors, photo color accuracy cannot be guaranteed.