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Content: 100% Cotton Sheeting
Width 42 inches

Little bright saffron yellow flowers on pale pink stems on an olive-gray background make this light, crisp cotton a year-round classic. Kokka Fabrics started 20 years ago and has consistently made quality fabric every year with a strong reputation and also is known for selling out quickly. We have limited yardage of each in stock, so if you love it, grab it. Imported from Japan, restocking is highly unlikely. Check out our pattern suggestions below!

Many fabrics in the Sewing Studio are "deadstock" fabrics from the fashion industry, and fiber content is sometimes best educated guess. Sourcing in general is not always predictable, and it's very rare to restock a deadstock fabric. We source and purchase only what we feel to be of the highest quality for our customers.

Due to setting fluctuations on monitors, photo color accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

tags: Imagining Nature, gray, olive, natural fibers, limited edition, floral