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Cone Mills White Oak - Selvege Denim/Tencel - Indigo

Cone Mills White Oak - Selvege Denim - Indigo 

81% Cotton, 19% Tencel 
Width: 32” 

Selvage Denim is a special type of denim - woven to finish the edges, the older looms cause tighter and denser weaves, along with variations in the fabric.   This fabric is 32” wide, so make sure to account for the narrower yardage when calculating your fabric requirements.   Fun to use this when you are planning a pair of jeans that you will roll the hems and show the finished edges!

Pattern Ideas:  A simple dress, such as Wiksten Shift Dress, or The Tea House Dress  would showcase this print; A fun Yari Jumpsuit, either long or short; Step in a Button down and use for a Bruyere Shirt/Tunic ; or a simple Uniform Tunic will let the fabric make the statement.   The Cheyenne Tunic has been a sewing community favorite and would look great in this Tencel.