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Cone Mill White Oak S Gene - Indigo 

92% Cotton, 7% Poly, 1% Spandex
Width: 56 1/2 - 57 1/2 inches 
10 ounces 

This is the famous White Oak Mill Cone Denim - S Gene is the perfect fabric for a pair of jeans that you need a bit of stretch.   The poly adds a bit of recovery and ease to make this the most comfortable pair of jeans you will wear!   This is a quality denim that we have limited amount due to the closure of the White Oak Mill at the end of December 2017.  Grab some for your stash, denim never goes out of style!

This is perfect for Jeans - Ginger Jeans Jalie - Womans Stretch Jeans .  It is also a great staple for the latest York Pinafore  or a Sandbridge Skirt