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Cone Mills White Denim - Indigo 
Content: 99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
Width: 59/60 inches
Weight: 12 oz

This heavy weight denim with only 1% of spandex is perfect for patterns that call for no stretch, but you want to cheat a little bit because maybe your weight fluctuates a bit like mine does? This would work really nicely in a Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans pattern or a Closet Core Morgan Jeans. It's not a lot of stretch, but just enough to handle a nice dinner. There's an extra photo at the end to highlight this denim has the red stripe selvedge, which is always nice to highlight on the outer leg seams for when you turn up your cuffs and the coin pocket. It's a little nod to us makers and appreciators of fine, high quality denim.

Prewashing tips with all high quality indigo denim: wash, wash, wash again. Use Shout Color Catcher sheet on all future washing to catch any extra dye. If you're going to be throwing your jeans in the dryer in the future, treat the denim the same way, but be sure to shake and "snap" the fabric out straight before putting in the dryer to prevent the fabric from twisting and blocking into a bad shape before cutting. 


As always, please email with any questions or concerns.