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Beatrice here again! I hope your toeses and noses are staying warm! Holiday sewing is upon us, and every year before I know it, I need festive clothing to take me from office to holiday party. To top it off, Closet Case Patterns and True Bias are hosting #sewfrosting again this year for 2019, so what better way to get motivated?! Here's what I'm putting on my mood board...

Dior & Millennial Pinks are neutrals in my book. Throw in a winter white, and I'm ready for snow.

I'm starting with this Dior-rose pink textured sateen as my first anchor. I'm thinking it will be my festive, easy jacket like a Jalie Melanie Robe, or a Wiksten Haori. Something that goes easily over everything.

Next, I'll add this ivory silk noil. I feel it would best be used to make some pants with drape, like Named Ninni Culottes or Sew House 7 Free Range Slacks.This will keep me festive without restricting my holiday cookie-intake. I have priorities. 

My big, sew-frosting, festive piece come in next. This soft pink leopard silk will make the perfect piece to dazzle. At first I was thinking a simple top, but now I'm thinking a full True Bias Calvin wrap dress. In-office, it will look lovely with the belted pink jacket, and after hours, it will be the best holiday date night dress. I'm not sure it gets more "frosting" than that!

All of these fabrics go splendidly with my last blog post featuring the French lace knit

As the weather gets colder, I'll be adding in my Jasika blazer made with this Milly-brand Cream Raised Twill wool and a Megan Neilsen Rowan in this heathered rose merino wool

I had to grab some of this lovely crinkly wool gauze to make a Highlands Wrap Dress. I'll layer it over some merino leggings and a turtleneck. I'm so very in love with the turtleneck layering trend that is still going strong. It makes dressing nice but still feeling comfortable so easy to acheive. 

While I'm at it, this abstract zebra wool challis will fit nicely into my little late-fall/early winter capsule wardrobe. 

I'll have to pick up holiday gifts while I'm at it. This Milly dandelion chiffon will be gift scarves for the girl-squad... because I'll have to make one for myself too! 

abstract birds
I'll have to grab some of this olive and pink silk for office gifts - those work projects don't stay on schedule by themselves!

Lastly, some of this autumnal-floral silk for family gifts. Not everyone in my family shares my penchant for pinks!  What do you have planned? Drop me a line, and let me know what you'd like to see! Do you need something sewn up, or draped with another fabric? I'm happy to help!