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Summer 2020 

I am excited for summer, as I typically am, this year.   The flowers, sunshine and longer days give me hope.  

Many of you know that Sewing Studio is not my full-time job, but what I often refer to as my "side-hustle". 
I love sewing, sharing the power of creating, and I have a passion to teach the next generation.
  Let's face it, having the Sewing Studio is also a great excuse to BUY ALL THE FABRIC! 

Last weekend on a Zoom call with my "sewing pals" a question came up about Sewing Studio's "Statement" on Black Lives Matter.  It took me off guard.  I had to listen.  In my working life I spend much of my day addressing all of the questions and issues and I have not been clear with my Sewing Studio clients. 
 While I have posted in my Instagram Stories, I failed to think that not all of my Sewing Studio customers use social media. 

So let me be crystal clear...when you shop at Sewing Studio it is 100% ME.  

No matter your race, gender or are welcome and supported here. 

Using the words of  Maite from @Shes_mightymighty, 
" No matter how open-minded, socially conscious, anti-racist I think I am,
I still have old, learned hidden biases that I need to examine.  It is my responsibility to 
check myself daily for my stereotypes, prejudice and ultimately, discrimination."  

I am still learning, and will continue to learn, I will do better!

Please take care of yourself and be well,