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New Year, New Projects!

It seems like 2023 snuck up on me...anyone else feel the sae?  Thanksgiving came, then we rolled right into Christmas, New Year's and here we are at MLK weekend.  All in just a few blinks. 

A fall Deadstock fabric trip was a hit! (see photo below)  Lots of amazing Wool Knits,  cotton knits, textured rayon, some terrific ribs, and so much more.   The deliveries just kept coming, causing both excitement and a touch of anxiety!    If you missed the Kokka drop of Japanese cottons/linens and silk blends, you might want to go ogle them - they are extra wonderful. 
 My talented friend, Becky, helped me get most of the photos taken and then add each group to the website.  

It is still cold, chilly and wet here in the Pacific NW, so sweatshirts, layers and sweaters are in constant rotation.  This AMAZING Quilted Wool Knit is screaming to be sewn into a new pullover/sweatshirt.   We currently have this in four colorways, but they seem to be getting snapped up quickly.    I am also loving the Wool Cotton Double Knit that is the EXACT fabric used by Peggy when she designed the ever popular Toaster Sweater.  (We only have a few yards of Navy left).

It seems many of you have taken to sewing Jeans for 2023.  There are a number of new pattern options to match your style preferences.  Seamwork just added The Chelsea Jeans with patch pockets and a flare that begins just below the knee.  Chalk and Notch released Isle Jeans, these also have patch pockets, and select either flare or wide leg option.  To get all the details, tips and tricks you may want to grab Helen Bartley's latest book, "Fit and Sew Custom Jeans" book.   We will keep some Denim fabric options in stock when you are ready to take the plunge into a new pair of jeans. 

I am planning a spring trip back to Los Angeles to source more deadstock for warm weather sure to let me know if there is something particular that you would like me to look for. 

Other things that have caught my eye: 

This Beige and Sherpa Block Vest...I am sure there are more than enough scraps in my stash to assemble this for some fun style layering.  Be sure to take a look at the other coat and vest options!

These Iko Iko Cord Covers  "the covering, veiling, ornamenting of things practical, sometimes unsightly. works to transparently organize."  Now I know I can sew these up in a snap, and I certainly have many cord management challenges to hide away. 

I think Justin Bieber may be trying to up is crochet game with this outfit.   I am just not sure if he is helping or hindering some from taking up a new hobby?!?!

While my husband does about 99.9% of the cooking, he is always open to requests.  I am a big fan of the Coconut Rice from Half Baked Harvest, and with the Skillet Chicken Adobo it is warm and filling for these winter nights. 

Thank you for your amazing support of my small business in 2022!  I look forward to more sewing fun in 2023,