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Studio Knit 

Information about this Fabric:
Content: 51% Cotton / 49% Polyester & 100% (see color or details)
Width: 60 inches
Care: Machine washable on cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry on low.
Shrinkage: 2-3  inches per yard
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Fabric $11.98 - Rib .30

Studio Knit Collection
    FASHION Colors

  • Cotton/Poly Blend
  • 100% Cotton

  • Interlock

  • Fleece

  • Ribbing

    Some colors of our Studio Knits come in a cotton/poly blend. They are dyed-to-match sets with a sweatshirt fleece, an interlock, and an excellent quality rib trim with a touch of spandex that allows it to keep it's shape.  Use them together or alone for all your knit patterns.  The Interlock is for t-shirts, knit tops, and dresses.  The Sweatshirt Fleece is for knit jackets, knit pullovers, and pants. Basics you'll live in.     


Kwik Sew Pattern 3892


Interlock Knit                            Color:    Azalea         
Code No.SI-AZA                             100% Cotton

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Ribbing                            Color:    Azalea         
Code No.SRT-AZA                            

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Interlock Knit                            Color:    Beige         
Code No.SI-BEIGE-C                             100% Cotton

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Interlock Fleece                            Color:    Sunflower         
Code No.SSF-SUN                             100% Cotton

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Ribbing                            Color:    Sunflower         
Code No.SRT-SUN                            

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