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Lou Ann's Sewing Helper:  
This wrap was definitely our biggest hit at our Sewing Shows.  Everyone wanted to try it on and play with it.  I remember laughing when we first saw this new pattern.  All it was, was a large rectangle with armholes, but let me tell you, there was a lot of thought into where those armholes were placed.  I made this up in Diana Doubleknit, because it is soft and drapes so well.  Matte Jersey would be another choice. It is absolutely beautiful on and it can be worn in several different ways (look closely at the pattern).  We are showing it here thrown over the shoulder and anchored with a pin.  You can also reverse and throw it over the other shoulder or let it hang down straight.  Drape it to look good on you.  If you look from the back side it hangs at normal jacket length.  Angie wore it on the plane flying home and said she was very comfortable in it.   One more cool thing, it took me less than an hour to make. 
Know anyone who would like it for Christmas?   



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Fabric:  Matte Jersey, Foxy Lady, Diana Double knit

Patterns:  Wrap - Kwik Sew 3285  


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