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Casual Wear

Soft Poly Corduroy

This is corduroy only it is made from polyester instead of cotton, making it lightweight, very soft, and drapeable. Excellent for a basic shirt jacket and comfortable for pull-on pants.  It looks good in two-piece outfits as well as skirts.     
Information about this Fabric:
Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 58 inches
Care: Machine washable on cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry on low.
Shrinkage: minimal
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               Kwik Sew Pattern 3814

Soft Poly Cord                            Color:  French Roast              
Code No. PCORD-FRROAST              

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Soft Poly Cord                     Color:  Ivory            
Code No. PCORD-IVORY                                       

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Soft Poly Cord                          Color:  Blue            
Code No. PCORD-BLUE                     

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